Lev Bell for Damien Williams

I have Williams and the bell owner wants a straight up trade. Who would you rather have? I have Thompson also.

ppr, half, or std?

Sorry, 1/2 keeper

That is hard both Bell and Williams are going to be rough sledding this year with different teams, but I would rather have Bell personally.

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It’s really close, on one hand bell was a beast in pit, and i think people forget how good he was but he is on a new team and he sat out a year, Williams however is untested but put up great numbers once he started last year and is on a great offense who should have the lead most games so should get a ton of touches.
I would just go with your gut and who you want more. Either way it should work out I don’t see either being busts unless they get hurt.

Agreed, both pose risk. I do see Bell having slightly more value in Keeper than Williams because if both underperform, Bell is obviously more likely to retain value into next season. Really tough call, but I think I agree with above in this case just pick who you’d rather root for and cross your fingers

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I go Bell without question, guaranteed workload in rushing and passing game. I think a better team than most think, Darnold has looked excellent in the pre season, and Bell is by far the more talented back

This is bell without question. He going to be the workhorse no doubt. Damien williams IMO will start to lose touches to darwin thompson by mid season. Jets will be better than people are giving them credit for

So I change my answer go with bell. Looks like McCoy is going to KC and that’s going to cut into Williams value.

Ring the Bell!! No question. Take Bell over Williams ASAP

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This shouldn’t be a question, go with Bell even before the McCoy trade.

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