Lev Bell for Devante Adams?

What’s Bell worth right now? Would you give up Devante Adams to acquire Lev Bell?
Also have Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Marvin Jones, Dion Lewis and Bilal Powell for some form of hey potential stack and trade… would love to hear your thoughts!

Thoughts on this?

i mean, if you can give up anyone who isn’t Adams from that list, that would be infinitely better. Right now, I don’t see Adams for Bell straight up as a good trade, unless you happen to be extremely stacked at WR.

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I agree. I wouldn’t give up Adams for Bell. No guarantee Bell does actually come back, despite the word on the street. If he does he looks fat and might be in a timeshare running behind an o-line that he’s pissed off, while prioritizing his own health over everything.

Personally I am terrified of owning Bell. I drafted him and hated the experience. Steelers fans hate him (for the most part) and Conner has looked good. I was extremely happy to have traded him. Adams is a legit WR1 with no concerns. I wouldn’t do it if I were you. As the other poster said: maybe for Powell and Lockett or something that you could absorb if Bell doesn’t work out.

If you can afford to do it and you’re locked into playoffs, I’d probably make that trade. Judging by your roster though, I don’t think you can afford to give up Adams. Leaving yourself with Baldwin + Lockett + Jones as your WRs.