Lev Bell for the 1.01 in Dynasty

I have the 1.01 in my Dynasty league and of course planning on taking Barkley. I just received an offer of Lev Bell, Jordy, and a 2019 second rounder for the 1.01, Henry, and juju. I already have Gurley so pairing him with Bell is pretty intriguing. That said, I have bought in on the Barkley hype and even getting a return like Bell doesn’t have me all that excited. The guy offing the trade has decent depth at wr, including OBJ/Green/Baldwin. If anything I’d probably counter and swap Jordy and the pick for Green or Baldwin, but doubt he’d go for that. My other wideouts are Adams/Diggs/Hill/Parker/Goodwin so I feel pretty set at wr anyway.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Current team:

QB: Brady/Garapollo/Winston
RB: Gurley
RB: Henry/1.01
WR: Adams
WR: Hill
TE: Olson/ASJ
Flex: Diggs
Flex: Juju/Parker/Goodwin
D: Jax

I wouldn’t… Henry and JuJu are both good young players with their own high end stand alone value. If you really want Bell and are willing to give up Barkley I would counter as a straight up trade. If you did a dynasty start up draft with both Barkley and Bell available Bell would be a mid 1st RD pick and Barkley would be a late 1st / early 2nd RD pick (all depending on landing spot).

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I would not do this. It may be slightly past the HUGE trade window for Barlkey but some were getting Lev Bel, plus, plus for the 1.01. Once this landing spot is defined that could open again, larger then before. Further Jordy is a name and not an asset.

I would counter with the 1.01 for Bell, [AJ Green or Baldwin] and a 2019 1st. That at least let’s them know how you value the pick. Not every trade needs to be accepted. Sometimes it’s just a way of communicating. And an actual offer, say through MFL, let’s them know your serious. As opposed to solely sending a DM.

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That counter is pretty ridiculous, don’t you think? Might as well include the guy’s first born too…

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@Kaiser Yes. 100% it is ridiculous. Throw in forever naming rights to their team while your at it. :wink:

But I’ve seen similar trades reported on twitter and through the DLF trade finder.

If you own the 1.01 than you should maximize the value in trading it. Especially if you have bought into the hype yourself. Hard to convince someone else to pay close to that if you don’t believe it yourself.

For me, I have no interest in paying that value for the 1.01. I’ve tried to trade for the 1.02 or 1.03 because they are much cheaper and Chubb, Guise, Michel could be just as good for your dynasty team.

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