Lev bell or Howard

I have Howard I can get bell for Howard straight up. Opinions??? Full point PPR

if you have coverage do it.

he is suppose to be in the building this weekend is the rumor

NFL insider Ian Rapoport said in a report on NFL Network that sources tell him running back Le’Veon Bell could report to the team on Saturday. Rapoport added that the speculation here is that this would allow Bell to collect his $800,000+ game check for Week 1 without actually playing in the game, then practice with the team and get ready to play in Week 2. (Ian Rapoport)

Got Barkley and Collins I think I can survive. I’m pulling the trigger thanks

Plus I have Conner too. I should be good

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I would with that line up, but I am not sold bell plays this year. If he doesn’t show up this week he doesn’t show up until November.

This is, the easiest trade steal I’ve ever seen. Howard for Bell in a full PPR is a joke. In Fantasy, you need to take calculated risks to play for the win. If he shows up sat, you win. If he doesn’t you still get him for at minimum 6 weeks during championship run.


Dewitt, you have the safety of bell not playing locked up and if somehow Bell gets traded you have 2 RB1’s.

I did it guys thanks for all the advice.

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Also I supported through Patreon but it’s not showing up. Does it take a day or something. Sorry to go off topic.

So I traded Bell away for Antonio Brown in our half point ppr redraft. No rahgrets.

I have Howard, Conner, Lynch, Rex and Clement and I’m comfortable with the deal even if bell returns week 3.

That, was a great trade. Congrats on pulling it off.

Thanks dude.

Noticed the guy was light on rbs and loaded with wrs. Took a punt and it worked! Now I just have to figure out who I played in my flex!