Lev Bell Package Deal

Which side of this do you want in a full PPR (10 team).

Get Lev Bell, Joe Mixon and Rishard Matthews for Dalvin Cook, Carlos Hyde and Tyreek Hill.

My other starters
Melvin Gordon
T.Y. Hilton
Keenan Allen

Noone in their right mind would take the Cook package over Bell package. There is no scenario where the Bell owner should take that deal, unless I guess that person is Dalvin Cook’s mom or something. That’s like giving up $50 and getting back $35. Very lopsided trade

The Lev Bell side wins by a land slide in this trade scenario.

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Alright, so.

You are giving up two heavily involved running backs, both of which are high end RB2 low end RB1, and a up-coming WR1 who has a low floor but Vatican temple high ceiling.

You are getting an ELITE RB1, RB3 at best in Mixon and that is probably pushing it, and Matthews who so far has had one good game.

On any given week, you can have Cook: 10-20 points, Hyde: 10-18 points, and Hill: 5-25. So your floor/ceiling combined each week is 25/63 points if you have them in your lineup each week.

Lev Bell: 10-30 points, Mixon: who knows since he’s a rook but ill get 7.5-15, Matthews: He’s got a low floor so lets say 5-15 points. So for this one, your floor/ceiling combined each week is 22.5/60 baring you have them plugged into your lineup each week.

That is how I evaluate trades that I make, whether you decide to make the trade, I don’t think theres a bad choice if you choose to pull the trigger or if you don’t.

My opinion is, you’re giving up a LOT but getting a LOT-ish. Its apples to oranges at this point I personally think the person getting Hyde, Cook, and Hill is winning this trade but when Lev Bell is involved you can’t lose. You’re just losing a lot of depth for one player. Chances are you drop Matthews to waivers at some point.

The guy is losing Bell but replacing him with two more bell cows and a high end WR1/2.

Hope this helps, cheers.

This is extremely one sided in favor of the team getting Bell.