Lev Bell trade. 12man standard scoring

12-man league, standard scoring
Is an offer of Lev Bell + Corey Davis to get back Melvin Gordon + Adam Thielen a fair one or is it a bit much to ask for?
I ended up with AJ Green, Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins, DJ Moore and Dez Bryant as my WR’s in the draft and since my RB’s worked out great (Bell, Ingram. Lynch, Coleman, Barber, Murray) i think i can take the slight downgrade at RB if it means an improvement of my WR core.

I’m probably passing on that trade. It’s close but I prefer to keep Bell and Davis. Don’t really see Thielen out producing what he did last year and definitely don’t see him getting the same amount of looks in redzone. He’s not very good in a redzone so I don’t see much TD upside for him which is what you want in Standard.

I am expecting Bell to improve in that department with Todd Haley’s horrible red zone play calling out and I am actually a big believer in Corey Davis. He is a red zone threat and probably their top threat as well. Not saying Davis will outproduce Thielen but I also don’t think the gap will be as wide either.

You’re RBs look good but it’s far from a lock. Lots of question marks across the board so wouldn’t really be overconfident there. If anything, you could maybe combine one of your depth pieces + WR to try and get an upgrade at WR.

Solid advice, Thanx. Nice to see the other side of the coin. I’ll obviously wait and see what happens with Dez first, cause that could change things a bit. If his eventual signing creates enough of a buzz I could package him with Coleman to an RB-needy team for a meaningful WR upgrade.