Lev Bell Trade Ethics

10 man full point PPR

I was able to swing the following trade:

He gets:
Bradin Cooks
Matt Bredia
Sterling Shepherd

I Got:
Keenan Allen
Lev Bell

No collusion, no foul play. He is 2-0 and I am 1-1 we both felt good about the players we acquired and about the ones we sent out. Most of the guys want to veto this trade but I have been reminding them that the league vote format is primarily there to keep people from cheating and in this instance there is none. Now people are threating to quit and our commissionaire is in a bind because he’d rather upset the two guys involved in the trade vs upsetting himself and the other 7 GMs. Should I feel guilty for accepting this trade offer or should I stand my ground that these are our teams to manage and everyone should try and avoid the “I could have offered you more” mentality?

So the trade is objectively lopsided, for sure. But I’m with you, vetoes should only be used when it’s obviously cheating/collusion. I don’t understand the other mindset of vetoing trades because it improves another team (isn’t that the goal?).

I don’t think you should feel guilty as long as there’s no foul play. You improved your team. Hopefully this one stands for you, but I’m expecting it to go the other way. Good luck

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