Lev bell trade predicament

Currently have bell made a offer to trade him to the last place team for Brandon cooks and k. Johnson. I have melvin gordon and Kareem hunt as my primary backs and a win this week has a chance to put me into 1st place. Our top two teams now get a by week for the first week of playoffs. Been rolling without bell and making out not to bad but need more depth and players who can play this week. Or I have to roll out j. Richard and d jax pr treqiun smith

Well it obviously depends a little bit on when you think he’ll come back. The last place team isn’t going to want to wait until week 10 to play him if that’s their opinion. The other top teams would be willing to wait, but I wouldn’t trade him to those teams. Without more information, I think you hold him.

Yah I dont know if he would take it was going off the assumption he would want to build for next year he is 1-6 with bad running backs and it’s a 5 player keeper legue as well

Just hope he comes back and plays or goes to a team where he gets lots of opportunity. It’s a roller coaster having him right now haha

How do you have Bell, Gordon, Hunt, and Green? That’s insane lol I need to play in a league like that.

Was a few years work with keepers and good drafts