Lev Bell trade, worth it?

Offered up this trade and other owner is still thinking about it. Am I hurting my depth too much for this? Standard league

Offering up Ajayi, Amari Cooper, and Kamara for Lev Bell, obv a big trade.

Other RBs on my team: Doug Martin, Dion Lewis, D’Onta Foreman, DJohnson stashed away
Other WRs: AJ Green, Josh Doctson, Ted Ginn, Corey Davis

My RB depth takes a hit giving away Ajayi and Kamara but it’s Lev Bell…I’m also 6-1 right now and can afford a loss on his bye week if need be. Thanks, Footclan!!

Way too big of a hit; cancel that trade now!

You don’t need Foreman (Cuttable, but a handcuff), Johnson (not going to bring back because record will be terrible). Lewis is oky but NE backfield gives me a headache. Kamara an Ajayi are legit starters… Ajayi has the volume and Kamara is just stupidly good on the ground and air. Doug has volume too.

Your’re receivers would take a hit, but Cooper could be a Pooper for the next week or two. Maybe try smaller for something more consistent especially with Doctson on the up.

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Are you trading for Lev Bell?? If so, absolutely you do this trade.

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Yep I’m trying to get Lev and offering up those three players…got two polarizing opinions here! But I think I’m leaning towards this being the right move, and the trade’s already out there waiting for her to accept/reject…

I say yes Lev bell adding to you’re roster can be a game changer

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This is a complete homerun for you. If the Lev Bell owner is considering this he’s an idiot. You’re giving away depth pieces and a solid RB2 to get the most valuable fantasy player (arguably).

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It’s all about selling the trade. If you can talk to the Lev owner talk up Amari and Kamara and say that Ajayi should produce because of the VOLUME of carries he’s getting.

Talk, text, FB message to open the line of communication and try to sway the owner.

Most owners will automatically reject an offer like this so you need to sell the deal my man!