Lev bell value?

Is ajayi and DeMarco Murray to much for bell full ppr league

Well it depends if you can spare the depth. If those are your only startable running backs then hellllllll no. But if you would have someone roughly as good as Murray or Ajayi as your RB2 with some depth behind them I’d do it.

All depends on if you can spare the depth.

I’ve got zek and McFadden in case of suspension

I honestly would be surprised if you could get Bell for that. I have Bell and wouldn’t even think about trading him for those two. If I’m trading Bell I want a higher end 1 like McCoy, Freeman, or Gordon plus another PPR piece like Kamara or James White. Or even a higher end WR 1 and someone like McCaffrey who is pretty much a WR2/3 with some rushing yards

What about Fitzgerald put in aswell and Henry the hand cuff

I wouldn’t touch Fitz without Palmer if it were me. I just feel like Bell is the RB 1-3 and a WR 3 all in one. He isn’t even getting as many targets this year so when/if that goes back to the 5-7 targets a game then he is on another level.

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