Lev Bell Woes

Quick question - I’m the Lev Bell owner in a 10 team, PPR league and I dropped my kicker for James Conner in case Bell doesn’t play week 1. However, coming into Sunday I will need to pick up a kicker. Who should I drop?

Aaron Jones
Mike Williams
Keelan Cole
James Conner (if Bell plays)

Mike Williams.

Will los target share with Gates, I personally not an aaron Jones fan ut you’ll be pissed if he turns out more

Yeah that’s what I was leaning towards too. This league is pretty shallow (10 team, full redraft) so WR are more readily available, and the hype around Williams has been dying out so I may be able to pick him back up later if he goes off.

Yeah. I agree. M. Williams is the drop here. Sucks to have this Bell holdout to deal with. Good luck.