Lev Bell worth?

I’m thinking of sending trade offers to the Lev Bell owner… is this dumb or do you think he’s worth the acquisition and if so what do you think he’s worth right now?

I wouldn’t offer too much, maybe offer a player from a super murky backfield such as Detroit, TB, or Baltimore. Or instead of trying to trade for Bell, perhaps see if Damien Harris is available in your league. Damien Harris was creating a lot of buzz this off season and has a real solid chance to come in and split the rushing work with Cam Newton. And he’s probably free. And he’s not a Jet :ok_hand:.

Gase will probably be fired by the time he’s back lol, maybe he’ll actually be useable then. I probably would prefer to keep dobbins if that’s who your thinking tho, by the time u use either, he’s likely to be better. It’s hard to say what to offer without knowing your teams, but something in the range of a Waiver TE, or wr like cooks/crowder/Marvin Jones type