Lev for melvin

I was offered lev bell for Melvin Gordon. My team now is
Michael Thomas
With the bench being TY, josh Gordon, Royce, Collins, Corey, Alfred, kerryon. I easily have the best team as a bunch of players are new. Do I take the straight up offer?

Or do I counter in someway?

Remember it’s you taking the risk, yes it’s a drop off from Bell to Gordon BUT if Bell doesn’t play till much later you lose out. So I would counter with the maximum say Royce Freeman or Alex Collins but not Gordon.

I wouldn’t do it, especially if you don’t own Conner. This Bell thing is getting messy, who knows when he will show up and who knows how much he will play when he comes back, especially of Conner plays well. Seems like egos on both sides are starting to play into things, and that never ends well. He could hold out until week 10 and not lose his free agent status for next year. Melvin Gordon is a top 10 RB with top 5 upside, so it is not like you are going from say Ajayi to Bell. Not worth the risk.

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I woudlnt take the deal.

Sidenote, is this a keeper league? Because I cannot possibly imagine you got this team in a redraft.

I’m a big believer in gordon this year so nope, no way. I passed on several higher ranked RBs in my 1 player keeper draft to take gordon with the 2nd pick of the first official round, kamara, hunt specifically.

It was a redraft. The money is all mine

im betting its an 8 man. it’s literally impossible for that lineup to happen in a 10 man.

keep gordon. Youre already stacked, plus you can stack him with rivers

They took pats d in the 20s… it’s possible