Lev Hells Bells

Is lev Bell worth a 2nd round pic?

Would be interesting whether it’s an early, mid or late pic and if the league is standard/hppr/ppr?

For me it’s a bit of a gamble with him. He will see limited snaps in KC, sharing the backfield with CEH but in a highpower offense. Most experts have him in the low rb2 range.
Today you dont know where he will play next season. Could be great or could be a mass.

imo Bell has more value than a 2nd round pick! If you dont want him, you could even buy him for a 2nd and sell him for more if a contender gets RB-needy during the saison

Pppr, 12 team league, I have an extra 2nd round pick, so I wouldn’t be losing out on a second pick, we have 2 flex and a super flex. I’m currently 4-3, which has me in 8th place

I would do it. already got a 40% share in his first game for KC!

Try to give away the lower 2nd Pick! :wink: