Level bell teades

I’m in a keeper league and have these 2 offers and I have bell. lev bell and Sutton for greg olsen, Aarons Jones and Josh Gordan. 2nd trade is Julio and bell straight up. what do you think guys?

keep bell. Hes back!

Where’s the report?

I mean after his tweet the other night I’m confident he’s coming back but I don’t see anything confirmed.

nothing is confirmed but why else would he be in Pittsburgh

Pretty sure I read somewhere there is a loophole in the CBA and if he does not come back than it really does not hurt him next year.

I am betting he’ll return and play an RB2 role at least initially to Conner starting. And if he’s killing it, things may level out. But I think he’s gonna have to earn it for that to happen. And it’s possible he doesn’t return at all, yes, but I think it’s really unlikely imo. I think he wants to suit up and be on the team in time to win over his teammates and the media a little bit prior to their likely playoff schedule.