Level of concern for conner this weekend?

Samuels is on the Waivers, would you drop anyone to hold for chance conner doesn’t suit up? 1-3 full ppr

Miles sanders
Chris Thompson

Anyone else you can drop? I always like hoarding RBs. I would absolutely pick up Samuels, especially if you’re the Conner owner.

drop thompson - if the steelers stick to the same offense as last weekend Samuels or Conner will receive the same number of catches as well as have the run game.

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Rest of the team

Lamar Jackson

Conner, Aaron Jones, michel, sanders, Thompson, Singletary

Woods, alshon, davante Adams, Samuel, d Robinson, tyrell Williams

still dropping thompson for Samuels, based on Steelers usage this past week. Also Conner is a little hurt, so Samuels may get play earlier this week. Could use him as your flex. You’re definitely a bit hurt in your WR corps so that’s why I wouldn’t drop any of those guys for him.

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So youre thinking roll em both out? If conner is healthy?

No roll out Jones and Conner or Samuels depending on if Conner is out.