Leveon Bell at #2

I have another draft coming up in less than 30, I have the 2nd overall pick in this 10 team snake draft. With his holdout going on right now, hypothetically if he were to drop to 2 should I snag him or may be Zeke or David Johnson? I feel like Bell will be rusty coming out the gate.

I had Bell last year coming off his suspension. Playing Cleveland in week 1. He’ll be fine. Take him.

Bell was rusty last year coming off of hold out. Played Week 1 in cleveland and was subpar for that and a couple weeks. But then, late in the season when it matters most, he did what he always does. Produce.

Bell is personally my 1.01. I think haley leaving is a good thing for him, esp when it comes to red zone looks. So I’m more than fine taking him at 1.02.

If you wanted to take DJ though, I couldn’t argue with you. Honestly, I could make a strong case for any of the top 4 being 1.01. A strong case at that. You’re splitting hairs so just go with your gut and pick your guy.