Le'Veon Bell depression

At what point is it time to cut bait with Le’Veon? He is the reason I drink. I have a trade offer on the table from the James Connor owner, he would give up Lamar Miller and Josh Gordon for Le’Veon and Chris Hogan. While I feel accepting this trade is also me trading away my dignity, I can’t help but wonder if this is about as good of value I can reasonably expect in return. Does anyone see him coming back before week 10? Thoughts and prayers out to the other Le’Veon owners out there.

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Hold tight

I wouldnt take that deal. I feel you as I have Bell in some of my leagues. If bell came back tomorrow you wouldnt trade him or Lamar Miller and Gordon combined. I think he is coming back before week 10. Its hard to pass up $900K game checks. Hang in there

You can definitely trade him, but not for that. That is an insulting offer. No idea why you would even have to give up Chris Hogan in that deal.

I’ll tell you right here… I have hogan j Gordon and Bell. I’m just as nervous as you… stuck… can’t get a good deal done. May end up holding? I had someone offer Greg Olsen for him today LOL talk about insulting