Le'Veon Bell Dynasty 0.5ppr

Anyone buying Bell? If so, what are you willing to move to get him?

If the Bell owner wants youth; I’ve seen guys like D. Cook, Michel, Chubb (before the Hunt news), or Kerryon paired with a good pick or a WR like Golladay get Bell. For example, D. Cook and Golladay.
Personally, I think the moving or acquisition of Bell is more team specific than any other player in the league.
If you’re selling Bell then you need youth on your roster and are possibly willing to downgrade for a year or two in order to be good for the next 5.
If you’re adding Bell, you need to have depth at whichever position you’re selling; preferably young depth that might not break out for another year. Guys like RoJo or R. Freeman at RB. And Callaway or D. Hamilton at WR. Going into 2019 these guys are not consistent starters; so, Bell would take their place. Meanwhile, they are big lottery tickets who could hit or bust just as easily.

Let us know your team and whether you’re buying or selling and we can give more specific opinions.

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This is from a DLF premium tool (which I highly suggest getting a DLF sub).

Real trades with Bell.



Please note that I have curated this list to only include trades that seemed appropriate to me. As an example I did not include:

This league is likely TE premium.

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@michael_pounders Good insight. I’m a contender and was considering something like Melvin Gordon for Bell and Kupp for example.

Current Roster:

QB: Newton, Mayfield, Foles, Flacco, Smith, McCoy
RB: Gordon, Mixon, White, Burkhead, Dixon, McGuire, Ekeler, Thompson, Wilkins, Booker, Buck Allen, Boston Scott
WR: Adams, Hill, Landry, Davis, Reynolds, Sherfield
TE: Kelce, Brate, RSJ, Ian Thomas, Jonnu Smith
DST: Redskins

@fun4willis Some of those trades are questionable to me but thanks for posting them. Good to see what the market looks like for Bell even if I dont necessarily agree with the deals made

Out of curiosity, which trade is most questionable to you? And why?

The 3rd one, Howard/Ingram/Adams/2019 2nd for Bell/Julio. You could argue Adams is equivalent to Julio (I disagree, but let’s just say they’re equal for this conversation), that means it’s Howard/Ingram/2019 2nd for Bell. I personally don’t think much of Howard (never been a fan) or Ingram (at this point in his career, he used to be a beast), and the 2nd round pick is likely gonna be a rookie WR who sits on your bench for a year or two before he has any real chance to be a fantasy starter. But that’s also assuming Bell will get signed somewhere decent. You’re obviously accounting for the risk that Bell might sign to a weak offense or might not sign at all.