Le'Veon Bell Dynasty

First season of dynasty league.
Drafted a pretty young team of rookies (rookie mistake).
I have fournette as my main RB and am looking at making a move for Le’Veon Bell the current owner has a man crush on Fournette.

Should I be worried about Bell returning will he still be the same beast?

I know I will not win this season so looking to make my team stronger for the future.

If you can trade Bell for Fournette straight up, i would say you do that if you’re ok with the possibility that Bell doesn’t play this season and that you don’t win the league. Bell will be a top tier RB on pretty much any team he plays for given his skill set.
If the Bell owner has enough of a man crush on Fournette, try to get as much as possible from him (Bell + a depth player or future draft pick)

For Dynasty this is a bad move. Bell is potentially going to be traded, which would make him 27 and on a new team that in all likelyhood wont score as much as the Steelers. The Steelers O-line is also majorly underrated, its probably a top 2 o-line in the league. Bell is great, but I don’t think he’s as talented as DJ and look what’s happened to him in a bad situation. Fournette, when healthy is locked and loaded on a team that wants to run him 20 -25 times per game and doesn’t want to throw with Bortles if they don’t have to. Fournette is also 23 year old. Long term Conner is a better option that Bell because he’ll be taking over that workload next year, the Steelers want to move on from Bell. You can also compete with Conner this year, rather than potentially throwing away an entire season.