Le'Veon Bell for Keeper Trade + 2nd Round Pick

I receive Le’Veon Bell prior to the draft and must keep him as my 1st round (12th overall) pick (keeper). I trade the guy who owned him my second round pick (13th overall). If I don’t do a trade prior to draft day my keeper options are Golden Tate in the 3rd or Devin Funchess in the 16th.


Your asking if bell is worth the 12 and 13 on redraft? I would say yes. Half of all first rounders will bust. Bell will not. Scrumptious in the 16 is a good second keeper

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That is exactly what I was asking. Our keeper rules state:

  1. Teams can only keep any one player for one additional season (1-yr as a keeper on your team).
  2. If player is in the first year of being kept (i.e. he wasn’t kept by any of the other 11 teams the previous year) he retains the draft position he was taken at from the previous year. Players picked up off waivers are 16th round keepers.
    2a. If player is in the second year or greater of being kept by any team he must be kept at the Average Draft Position (ADP) at the time of the previous years draft still retaining some value for the current season.
  3. When a player is not kept by any of the 12 teams in a single year all rules governing that one player reset at the next years draft.

So the guy kept Bell last season, I would be trading my 13th overall pick away in order to receive Bell at the 12th overall position. My squad was ravaged with injuries in the playoffs last season leaving me with Golden or Devin as my only true value keepers which triggered this trade. I think he’s actually going to give me Bell plus an 8th Round pick for my 2nd Round pick. Think I’m going to take it and get the league all riled up with this pre-draft trade.

Also, dig the Falco profile pic. Very Classy :+1: Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever.

This is a bit of a tough call. Having Bell as your 1st round keeper at pick 12 is a no brainer. Only thing that sucks about the trade is having to give up your second round pick. So you would get Bell in the 1st, then not have another pick until the end of the 3rd round. Bell is a top 5 RB, but a lot of talent will be gone before you pick again.

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Definitely true and that is my biggest hold up. I guess I’m confident enough having back to back picks the rest of the draft after losing pick 13 including picking up a second 8th round pick instead of just finishing the draft with an open spot for waivers. I think my plan early is to just go WR/RB heavy on best availables for several rounds starting in the 3rd and wait on TE and QB as long as possible. Maybe not have the right piece at TE or QB to start the season but should have enough depth at RB and WR to make some early season trades. We have league members who will draft Gronk in the first and most likely a QB or two in the 2nd and 3rd. The biggest advantage is I get a known commodity stud who is a top 2 pick at 12 and the risk of injury prior to the season starting is minimal since he looks to be holding out until week 1 again.

As enticing as Bell is. I don’t think it is worth it, but knowing who else is being kept would help also. But Bell is not worth two top 15 players. No one is, unless the top 10 RB’s are being kept. If you have no chance at a solid RB1 keep Bell, if you can take a chance at a solid RB dropping to you, I keep your back to back picks.


Agree with @RedHanSoloCups. You need to know who is being kept to then plan out whether or not you’ll have a realistic shot at getting an RB1. If its a 12 man league though and people are only allowed 1 keeper, I would assume you definitely have a pretty good shot at grabbing 1 if not 2 pretty decent RBs or at least 1 RB + 1 top flight WR and as much as I love bell, that might be a bit too steep value wise.

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