LeVeon Bell - Free Agent

I’m in an open public league and was gonna send out a “feeler” trade offer for the Lev Bell owner, so I do a search and turns out he’s sitting in the free agent pool…I’m sorry what now???
Needless to say, I picked him up and once he’s back I’m sure he’ll be a nice companion to my other RB, some guy named Todd Gurley!

I don’t really have any friends that play fantasy so I just had to tell someone…

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Haha! I think a lot of us understand we are here to cheer for our victories and curse our losses with a group who get it.

What a good find. Probably had to make room for the bye weeks.
Do you often check your league transactions to see when people make drops like that?

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Seems kind of crazy to hold him for all these weeks to drop him when he is suppose to come back next week.

It’s a league I didn’t pay much attention to for a few weeks, but been more involved lately.
Turns out he was dropped just before week 4, so he’s been sitting there for almost a month.
There’s a couple of seemingly neglected teams but I still can’t believe nobody else grabbed him.

Well congrats!!

I would not even call that a league. No way that happens with any real competition. Mine is so fierce, they are scouring the waiver wire at 2:30 in the morning.