Le'veon Bell + James Conner Owner Trades

My league is a 12 player PPR league with no keepers. Our league is 1qb/2 wr/2rb/1flex/k/dst and 7 bench spots and an IR.

My starters:
Big Ben
Jarvis Landry
Cooper Kupp
James Conner
Buck Allen
Tyler Boyd

Sammy Watkins
Dion Lewis
Duke Johnson
Derrik Henry
Geronimo Allison
Mike Davis
and Le’veon Bell

I was offered a trade for David Johnson. The ask from me was Le’veon Bell/James Conner and Cooper Kupp for David Johnson and another player (I asked for Allen Robinson but was offered ASJ). Opposing team has Tom Brady, Robert Woods, Calin Ridley, David Johnson, Sony Michel, Jordan Reed, Jay Ajayi. On the bench, is Bilal Powell, ASJ, Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, DJ Moore, Baker Mayfield and Taylor Gabriel.

Any suggestions? I do not want to trade Cooper Kupp at all. What would you counteroffer or push for?

I think you should absolutely not do this trade. Owning Bell and Conner is such a good/underrated situation. Conner has proven that he can be an elite player. Bell is an elite player. One of the two is going to start, no matter what, and you own the handcuff to whoever that is should the starter get hurt or choose not to play (Bell). WHy sacrifice that for DJ’s situation? I don’t like it.

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I’d need to get Mike Evans out of this somehow to feel OK with it.

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He wants to give you Austin Seferian Jenkins and David Johnson for the starting running back on the Steelers and one the wide recievers on the best offense in the NFL?!? He is smoking something intense to think that is remotely fair.

The only trade I can think of here that is remotely fair would be Evans and Sony for Bell/Conner and Kupp. But even then its a lateral move with a slight edge to the the Bell side(assuming Bell gets full workload when back) Also, if Bell still gets traded then you are a big time loser in this because Conner and Bell will both still be relevant.

I would stay put unless you can find an upgrade at RB2. Maybe a trade with Alex Collins owner?

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