Leveon bell news?

has anyone heard anything if he is going to extend his holdout into the regular season or not? i heard james harrison go on the record saying he should skip as many games as possible and come back to get the credited season basically. im not sure what that number but if thats the case should i try and trade bell?

I would call his bluff. Anyway for you to hedge your bet with the HC? He did something very similar last year. Also, how many players have held out RS? The percentage is so low, it’s like winning the unfortunate circumstance lottery hold out of all time.

I could add james connor, but i would have to drop one of: eli (tyrod my starter), mike williams, mark ingram, julian edelman, peyton barber, keelan cole. my rbs are strong to begin with (bell, fournette, miller, barber, ingram) but bell is a top tier back. Im also nervous because RB is one of the easiest positions to get injured at, he is 26 hasnt gotten his big contract yet. this is his big and really only contract year i could see him ensuring he gets paid.

Worse case, dead weight Edelman. That’s 5 weeks to work the waiver wire. 32 year old, ACL tear, is he really going to comeback from suspension and kill it? Highly unlikely. He also can’t practice so age, rust.

as a pats fan, he has looked great in preseason and practice, im not dropping bradys favorite target.

I would not worry about it then. Work with what you got and hold the line until Ingram and Edelman return if Bell holds out. Even if he does hold out likely won’t be the whole season.