Le'Veon Bell rest of season

What do you do with Lev? Trade value isn’t high, he’s battling a hamstring injury already. Trade at a discount? Hang on to him?

haha im in the same boat… Trying to sell for a decent RB… Sounds like its only a week or two… He has the potential to do great still but im thinking of something safer week in and week out.

Yeah I’m in the same boat as well, what kind of return can we expect to get on him

Considering he may be out several weeks you’re probably not going to be able to get much. If he were on my team id be sending out trades for players who didn’t necessarily go off in week 1 but still have upside. Players like ROJO, Kareem Hunt, Mark Ingram (well maybe) or Antonio Gibson.

If none of those guys sound exciting then just hold him. Or pair him with someone else.

I couldn’t trade him before week 1 started, I’m pretty sure I would t be able to trade him now. So I’m hoping that they say he’s out so that I can put him on my IR. But knowing Mr. B-hole, he ain’t gonna do that :man_facepalming:

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I’ll trade for Lev Bell. I’ll give you everything in my pockets (including lint) and I’ll throw Darrel Williams just because he holds about the same value if not more than Bell.

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bell is will be great again once butt-hole gase is fired. let’s hope that is soon so we can MAKE BELL GREAT AGAIN. until then i’ll take gas station sushi over bell all day and twice on sunday…

I’ve tried to shop Bell and not getting anywhere, I think it’s either stash or drop, and I’m holding on for the ride. Once Gase is 0-4 he’s got to play his best players, and if he gets traded he’ll be worth a lot more either for the intrigue on what he could be, or he’ll get played properly. I thought Bell was worth the rush for his talent, obviously not haha