Le'Veon Bell/Saquon Barkley Trade

Considering the following trade (half point PPR, 12 team league):

I give:
S. Barkley
J. Reed
P. Rivers

I get:
L. Bell
Z. Ertz
P. Mahomes

Rest of my team:
M. Thomas
K. Golladay
J. Mixon on IR (G. Bernard currently filling in)
L. Fitzgerald
D. Lewis
M. Lynch
T. Cohen (likely dropping this week)
J. Gordon
W. Dissly (likely dropping this week)


Personally I wouldnt do it. It looks good on paper, but the problem is that we dont know when he is coming back. It looks like he is either going to be traded or hold out until week 10. I am a bell owner and he is a bench warmer right now and I have no idea how motivated he will be to play when he comes back.

I am really tempted to say yes, but what is your record? Do you need a win immediately? If you are on the cusp of being eliminated from playoff contention, then you shouldn’t take it. If you have breathing room or are willing to take a sizeable risk, you could take it. I might ask for another RB if the other owner has one that gets a good share of touches regularly.

I’m 2-1 in the league with second highest points. His other RB’s are J. Howard and P. Lindsay.

Barkley has been money this year and I hate trading away that consistency. The upgrade at TE and QB seems nice. Leaning towards no though. I appreciate the input!

Yeah, give it another week at least. Your team is obviously doing well as it is. Nothing to fix here, and you aren’t even at full strength yet with Mixon out and Gordon potentially stepping up to stardom again.

Yeah, fingers crossed on Jordan. Be nice to have him and Thomas carrying the WR position.

Even if Reed gets hurt, you’re still better off having him out but Saquon playing than you’d be with Ertz playing and a big Leveon question mark instead of Saquon.

Would you take it if I could trade Mixon & Gio away instead of Barkley?

I don’t think so. Even Mahomes may end up having a season inferior to Rivers’s season. I don’t think this is necessary.

I personally wouldn’t do it. Obviously if Bell comes back tomorrow you win big. I would just plan on what you know - that Bell will report to some team by week 10 and more likely than not that team is the Steelers. Even in that case, I’m not sure Conner doesn’t have a role in the running game.