LeVeon Bell suggestions

Hey footclan I have my draft this weekend. I have the 3rd pick in the draft and have already found out that Gurley, and Zeke will be taken. With no news of Bell showing up yet, would it be crazy to take DJ over him? Just want to hear some suggestions. Maybe I’m over thinking it and should stick with Lev.

I think both Bell and DJ will have strong showings this year. Draft either with confidence out of preference in my opinion.

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Wouldn’t be crazy. I love DJ. I have RBs ranked as follows:

Bell > DJ > Zeke > Gurley.

But I would still take Bell. Even if he misses 2 weeks, I don’t care. I play for the playoffs and I’ve never failed to make a playoff in fantasy. And I just prefer Bell over DJ on a per game basis.


I probably still take Bell, they said they will do nothing but run him all season long so it would work for you well.

help with mine please,

I’m a die hard steelers fan. He’s not gonna show up until next week. He will play week one and he’s gonna touch the ball close to 500 times. They are going to run him into the ground because he is gone next year. I’d go bell

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