Le'Veon Bell Trade, how far will you go?

So I’m sure there are people wanting to get rid of Bell right now with him not being at practice…how far would you go to trade to get Bell? I’m sure he’ll be a quality player full of production when he gets playing but how far would you go…?

For example I have Fournette, should you try to trade that for Bell?

Attempt to go for a 2 for 1? Such as maybe Burkhead and Crowder/Funchess?

Curious on everyone’s thoughts!

Crowder/Funchess is laugh out loud funny but if you could package one of them along with Fournette and he says yes I would consider that a steal. This is going to be your only chance at acquiring him for the rest of the season.

Sure he may not play week 1 but in the grand scheme of things that’s not so bad when LE’VEON BELL will be on your team the rest of the season

Do you think that Bell is really THAT much better than Fournette? What if Bell holds out mutiple weeks is my concern

In PPR he is certainly that much better.

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I would take bell for fournette in a heart beat. This doesn’t change values for bell for me much. I look at players on a PPG basis, 1-2 weeks doesn’t matter to me. If someone told me bell was suspended for 3 games, I’d still draft him top 5. The year he got suspended 4 games, he still finished what, top 4 RBs?

Fournette probably going to miss 1-2 games anyway due to injury.

Anyone willing to trade Bell for someone like Fournette, please DM me.

I’m not even going to comment on your 2nd trade proposal. That is just insulting and frankly ridiculous. If I got that offer from someone in my league, probably just not going to attempt trading with that person for remainder of the season.

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