Le'Veon Bell Trade Value

What’s his trade value now? I would love to snag him up as the Bell owner needs some WR backup help but don’t really know what to offer.

I have Cooper Kupp, Fitzgerald, Keelan Cole, Allen Robinson, Mike Williams I would be willing to trade. You think I could package a couple even though outside of Kupp the others would be on potential?

What is the current owner’s record?

His record is 2-1 right now.

I doubt you could get Bell with those players from a 2-1 team, but no reason not to try. You win pretty much no matter what you do. His value has jumped significantly now that we know he’s being shopped.

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I don’t see the owner coming off Bell for what you are considering offering. Maybe if they were 0-3 and struggling big time you might be able to, but with the trade talk rumors for Bell and the current owner being 2-1, I think they will hold off.

With that being said, is it safe to assume since you are willing to trade these specific players that you maybe have better WR on your roster that you are not willing to trade? If that is the case I would just give the owner their choice of that group. Any two they want. See if that can get it done.

Who is a RB to target. Dalvin Cook or Lindsay? Just have a solid WR line right now and would like to shop for a good RB2 if possible. Even though the values are pretty low lol.

Could also add in Alex Collins since most his TD’s get stolen.

I was a Bell owner until last week, when I traded him straight up for Joe Mixon. I was able to buy low b/c the owner was 2-0, has conner on his roster, and Mixon had just had knee surgery.