Leveon bell what to do

12 team standard

Rb Conner , Bell , Chubb, Johnson , Cook

Wr Thomas , Sanders , Boyd, Brown , Fitz

Trade Bell and for who or wait and see.

Trade him now If you need wins. If you are 6-2 or better just hold him.

Luckily 7-1 but thinking he may not come back and looking to playoffs.

Thinking Mack or Jones.

If you can get mack or Jones do it. Bell has name value so you will get something decent for him regardless

Seems so low coming back lol but he may not play …

Take the gamble you dont need him. Even if he does come back they aren’t going to fully kick connor to the side.

True. Thanks

Same guy has both and turned down.

Any other trade suggestions.

You have Conner, so you have the Steelers backfield regardless of what happens, my advice would be to hold.

I hear ya. Thinking he doesn’t play at all so want to get something decent for him.

I’d do this too. When you have both you’re locking in a top notch RB (regardless of who plays). If you trade him and he comes back you just traded a top RB for pennies. The risk isn’t worth the reward to me.

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He offered Howard. Don’t think I will do that.

No he offered Mack . Do it ?

If Bell comes back Connor is going to become fantasy irrelevant come playoff time, is it really worth the risk when you already have that backfield?

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True. Just thinking if he doesn’t than at least get something.

Another good week for Conner

I wouldn’t blame you for taking the trade because we know AB is playing assuming no injuries pop up, but if you have Conner and Bell I hold to make sure you have the backfield that has led to so many wins so far.

Ya tough call. Our trade deadline is in a few days…

I think Bell plays this season, barring further discontentment with contractual stuff. The toll on Conner’s body is going to show at some point in time, odds are. The Steelers really want/need Bell to get back with the team and provide some relief (at an absolute minimum).

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I hope you’re right, I’d really like to put Bell in my lineup. My superteam feels kinda hollow without the guy I envisioned leading it.