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Leveon bell what to do


I think it is harder if you have both Conner and Bell. Makes you want to move on from Bell and not deal with the week to week stuff. Can’t see Conner losing the job fully.


If Bell comes back I can see it. I’ve owned Bell in previous seasons every time he is out for suspension/injury his backup balls out and makes people wonder if they earned time, and every time Tomlin uses only one(Bell). IMO it’s going to be a one or the other situation no in between.


True but no backup has played this well for this long.


If the Steelers coaching staff feels that way it’ll be mostly Connor, I don’t see them going RBBC


Sounds like more and more online he is not coming back .

I have Conner. Been trying to trade Bell but nobody in my league is biting. Not even for Alex Collins lol


Conner and Bell owner here. Think I’ll just hold tight and see how it plays out


Yeah can’t get any takers for Bell in my league.


I’ve read that Bell has been spotted in Pittsburgh so I’ll take that as a sign that him returning is imminent. We’ll have to wait and see how the backfield shakes up if that ends up being the case. As a Conner and Bell owner I’m hoping he ends up taking over, I didn’t draft him to watch his backup play the whole time.


Will see. If he does I have both so it will be the headache every week of who to play.