Leveon Bell woes

Unfortunately Im a Leveon Bell owner and I have no idea what to do.

Im in a 10 team standard league and I have rbs to get me by: Devanta Freeman, Marshawn Lynch, Jamal Williams and Rashad Penny. However, with this whole contract situation Bell might not even play until week 10.

And even if he plays week 10, he wants to keep his body fresh so wouldn’t he want to limit his own usage? Debating if I should just trade him now or hold on to him. I know he’s a stud so i wouldn’t just want to give him away for free. Any advice?

He aint sitting out till week 10. That notion is hilarious. He will report at the end of this week. Hold steady and don’t panic.

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I mean from his perspective it’s a good move, he could report at the end of this week and get paid the 855k for that game and then sit out until week 10. He’d be giving up $$$ for those games but it would negate the risk of him getting an injury and getting a max deal in the offseason. Just saying sitting out till week 10 doesn’t seem too out of the realm of possibility. Hell who am I kidding he better get his ass in to play ASAP! lol