Leveon Bell

Hello all, a league member agreed to give me Leveon for Fournette and Ertz. I am of to a hot (7-0) start and have Engram as my backup TE. Dak/Wentz, AJ Green, Dez, Garcon, Hyde, Dougie are my other players in a competitive 10 man full PPR league. Does this trade make sense or is it too much for Leveon?

On first pass, looks reasonable to me. Any other TEs on the waiver wire that you could pick up in the event Engram goes down?

Not much; Ebron, Doyle, Zach Miller and Fleener are left. I love Ertz but im expecting a TD regression from Fournette. I don’t think hes going to start all games with a 75 yard TD run.

I would not do it. Fournette and Ertz are extremely reliable. The rest of your team is stacked. Why trade when you are 7 and 0.
What is that saying? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it


Yeah I have Lev Bell and Ertz myself, and Ertz has been awesome. Hard to lose Ertz but Engram may buffer against the loss to some degree. Keep your eyes open for Charles Clay if he was dropped early in your league. He may be playing soon!

I feel the same but Fournette faces Seattle and Houston in fantasy playoffs. I am having to sit Engram Garcon and Dougie/Hyde on a weekly bases, while others are starting Kittle and Gore. I thought I could capitalize on the top RB.

Thanks for the tip, if this does go through I will stash Clay.