Leveon BUST?

With leveon on the verge of sitting half the season, where do you rank Connor the backup RB

Why would Leveon sit out half the season? Sounds like he’s committed to not missing any games from what Schefter has been tweeting the last 48 hours.

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Because he didn’t reach a long term deal yesterday was the dead line and he said he would sit out half the season if he didn’t sign long term

He never said he was going to sit out, Adam Schefter said on Sirius XM NFL Radio that he “thinks he would be prepared to”. Bell actually said almost the opposite on his Twitter yesterday: “to all my Steeler fans, my desire always has been to retire a Steeler…both sides worked extremely hard today to make that happen, but the NFL is a hard business at times…to the fans that had hope, I’m sorry we let youu down but trust me, 2018 will be my best season to date…”
I think he might miss camp but will play game one. He will be motivated and play like hell so he can cash in as a free agent next year. I think fantasy wise it could actually help, if he is going to be a free agent next year then the Steelers have no reason not to run the hell out of him this year.

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Ahhh I see thanks for that , but say he does sit out a couple games, does that make Connor an asset?

Ehh not necessarily. Connor hasnt had enough run yet to solidify him as a fantasy contributor yet, it’d be a gamble in my opinion.

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Would have to see what the preseason presents. Samuels is a beast and great in the passing game, so we would have to see how they use them both.

if he does sit, there might… MIGHT be a bump to james washingtons production. dude is built like an RB, with WR qualities. he might end up being the guy. dont bank on that, but i would say keep your eyes on it just in case. otherwise, it would probably be an RBBC with samuels and connor like fantasydad eluded to.

It would definitely be Samuels over Washington. Washington has a defined role

Don’t think Conners is the guy. Would rather have Samuels.