Leveon fricken Bell

I have been holding onto bell the whole season confident he would return, but the podcast yesterday scared me bringing up the point that the Steelers and leveon might have agreed to go their separate ways without leveon playing at all this year. I feel like an idiot now since I traded away Conner two weeks ago for djax. What should I do with leveon now? Some background information on my situation is listed below. All comments and advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Standard non ppr 10 man league
Record: 4-4
Jordan’s Howard
Amari cooper

The podcast from yesterday did give me pause, but if I put myself in Bell’s situation I’d do everything in my power to ensure I reach FA. With the facts the public has knowledge of I am still confident he returns week 10.
I don’t think he goes this far to leave anything to chance.

I hope you’re right👍

I personally think that would be unwise for bell to sit out like that. He will be back 11/13.

I am kicking myself too for trading Conner…but I didnt have Bell. If I had Bell, I almost certainly would have held on Conner.

I currently have Bell & Conner, so I am covered either way.
With that said Bell is my favorite player not on the Patriots and want to have him back in my fantasy lineup.

Yeah I regret it at this point but I thought I would be able to get value for nothing because I was confident bell would come back, so that’s why my trust in bell is shaky

I have good news and bad news for you.

The Good News: Bell will be back before 11/13. He isn’t going to leave his FA eligibility to chance on the word of a team he has pissed off.

The Bad News: I think he comes back for one game, gets “injured” and is out the rest of the season. That way, he gets paid, is not a free agent, and stays healthy.

I really hope I am wrong for your sake, but it is just this weird feeling I have. This is obviously 100% a hunch, but yeah. Just my thoughts.

I agree. Even if he does come back, he isn’t bought into the team and the team certainly isn’t bought into the him. I think he is dead weight. If you can trade him for anything decent, take it IMO.

He’s not likely to get paid in full on his next deal if he lets rumors of a fake injury linger. Can’t see that happening. His camp wouldn’t go for that.

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I 100% agree with @Hazel11

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Even if the team isn’t bought into him, it’s a huge distraction to have him back and not playing. A team with a title window doesn’t need that distraction. Bell is better than Conner despite what the Baltimore coaching staff says. When you have a chance to win a super bowl, you have to play the best players. Seems silly to me to risk that out of spite at the same time you expose your likely future RB to unnecessary injury risk.

His camp is currently costing him millions of dollars at this very moment, so I’m not so sure they wouldn’t go for that. His agent clearly doesn’t have his client’s best interest at heart.

Furthermore, it’s not like they are going to go out and make it obvious it is a fake injury. All I’m saying is the slightest bump, bruise, scrape or discomfort he has he is done. And PIT isn’t going to force him to play at less than 100% (whether it is physically or mentally) when they have a hungry and very good Conner ready to roll.

Also, there are a lot of stupid teams out there that would gladly pay him in full (or close to it) if it meant getting Lev Bell on their team. (Cue Raiders. Lol).

If he fakes an injury it undermines everything Bell and his camp have done to this point to protect any chance of a long term contract.

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Time is going to tell here. He may come back and win fantasy’s for folks that traded for or held on. Could very well happen. If so, i’ll eat crow. I’ll stand my ground however that i believe none of that happens 2018.

If having the best players on the field always equated to championships, the Yankees would never lose a world series. Team cohesion is equally if not more important than having the most elite talent. The Steelers offense is just as capable as winning games with Conner as it is with Bell.

His camp could be saving him millions of dollars had he played beforehand and went out with a long-term injury. The risks of that may have been low, but there was that chance.

While some teams are hopeless in the NFL, all teams care about the bottom line first and foremost. Nobody is going to roster Kapernick if they think he costs them money. Similarly, doubt anybody is going to set the precedent of raising the RB payscale by paying LB as a RB1 + WR2. Maybe the Cowboys or Raiders would have, but Dallas has Zeke and the Raiders are operating on a longer-term rebuild. It could happen, but I doubt it

One could say the same for Bell not taking the very generous contract the Steelers offered him. Clearly that didn’t concern Bell one bit.

All I’m saying is I feel like maybe we are giving NFL teams and owners a little too much credit in their thought process with Bell. Teams are willing to give players who have been injured and suspended contracts all the time. When it comes to signing a talent like Bell, you make exceptions. And being able to put the pieces together that Bell may not be as injured as he seems in order to preserve his health is something a rival GM would look past.

Again, I’m not saying you’re wrong in any way. This is just a weird feeling I get. The “normal” process for this whole thing has gone to crap so I can see the wild roller coaster continuing in very unexpected ways.

My bad, when referencing his camp I meant the turning down the offer the Steelers gave him. It was like $500,000 off the FT and $1M off his demand and his camp advised him to say no. I agree with you he won’t get RB1 + WR2, but that is my point. They gave him terrible advice with the contract w/ the Steelers and cost him millions. Now his image is being dragged through the mud too (in some people’s opinions) all at the advice of his camp. So I just really do not think he has a very good agent or camp that is all.

Either way, this is an absolute crazy situation that nobody can predict. It will be fun to see how it all turns out.

Also, apologies @samdermatoian for hijacking your post. Lol. Clearly @UpsettiSpaghetti @Caveman45 @Hazel11 and I are very passionate about our Lev Bell situation. Lol

I’m not discounting team cohesion as much as arguing it’s a lose-lose. If LB is kept away from the team after returning, it could easily divide that locker room, especially if they lose a couple games with Conner. Also, reporters will ask everyone about LB each week in that scenario. Tomlin, Big Ben and others can’t be excited about having to deal with that. Also, not sure they are capable of answering those questions repeatedly in a way that doesn’t make matters worse.

I would not have traded Conner while holding Bell but at this point I would hold him. You could shop Bell if you want, but I think he’ll sign by week 10 and be the lead back after he returns.

Djax for Conner looks bad in retrospect, but I’ve also got burned by Conner. I have a few teams with Conner but not Bell and have consistently looked to trade Conner away. The weekend before Bell forfeited his first paycheck, I traded Conner for Drake. In separate Conner deals I also flipped him for CMC and Dalvin Cook prior to news breaking of the hamstring re-injury. All of those deals are losers right now…

No, I love hearing everyone’s opinion on this the fantasy footballer community is great. Thank you everyone👍