Leveon offered

Was proposed a trade of leveon for marshawn Lynch and Robert Woods. Currently have James Conner On my bench. Don’t make this trade?

I would do this immediately if I were you. If you can get Bell for those 2 guys I’d do it especially since you have Conner.

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You really shouldnt post for questions like this… youre paying a RB who doesnt catch passes, in a committee, on an atrocious team… for guaranteeing yourself a top 3 RB (in Conner or Bell). And Robert woods who is okay… but easily replaceable.

I mostly agree with your analysis. But why attack the guy for posting this question? We all occasionally need a sanity check before pulling the trigger on a trade. And any discussion about the quality of trades is good discussion. Respond with your analysis and leave it at that.


Not wasting time waiting for a response on a forum when someone offers you Lev Bell for bench fodder was part of my analysis. The guy probably has multiple offers out for Bell and somone could probably offer more.

I said my piece. Moving on.

yeah i think you do if you can afford to give up lynch assuming woods isnt your number one or two WR

100% do this

Connor is in no way a guaranteed top 3 back, but this is still a no brainer trade.

Fair enough… there is a lot more RB talent now than even 2 years ago when you stop to think about it… He easily has top 3 upside in 16 games with the way PIT uses their backs… IIRC DeAngelo Williams was the RB2 over the games he played in Bells absence from 2015-2016… but youre right to point out that there is no “guarantee” that Conner is ‘that’ talented or will get all the touches that Bell got.

Definitely top 3 upside, though I suspect Samuels cuts into the receiving workload a bit.

I wouldn’t do this trade for the sole reason you have Conner on your bench. Is Lynch going to be that much better than Conner? I don’t know, but I have my doubts. There are likely 8 Robert Woods caliber players on your Waivers now (or about to be by Tuesday morning). Also, to take this trade, you’re going to have to cut someone. Right now, you have the Pit backfield locked up, which is one of very few teams I’d say that’s a good thing for fantasy. As a Bell owner, who was sniped on Conner, yours is the situation I dream of having.

Be proud of how you drafted and roll with you team.

but you legitimately did respond within an hour of his post, so shouldn’t you be attacking yourself rather than someone who is asking an honest question? if you feel that way, ignore the topic and move on, absolutely 0 need for an attack whatsoever. cheers.


i think he was giving Lynch and Woods to get Bell, he was offered Bell, i think. I could be wrong, but if he is giving Bell i agree you do not do that but if bell is who you’re getting you do that immediately

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Oh. Wait. You’re giving up Lynch and Woods? I think I’d do it.

YES!!! Make that now. Don’t wait!

Thanks for the advice Clan I went with trade of giving up Lynch and woods for Bell. So right now my current RB is Gurley, Gordon, J Williams with Bell and Conner on the bench

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Good looking, solid RB corps. :+1: