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Leveon Proposal


My Team:
QB T Taylor
RB K Hunt
RB CJ Anderson
WRM Thomas
WR D Thomas
TE K Rudolph
Flex D Parker
M Bryant
C McCaffrey
D Sproles
A Hurns
T Lockett

His Team:
QB Tom Brady
RB Leveon
RB Fournette
WR Pryor
WR Hogan
TE Graham
Flex K williams
J Mathews

I’m looking to acquire Leveon without giving up Hunt.

Anderson + Martavis or would I have to give up more?

How much would you give up?


Honestly bro your team is solid. Both those rbs are amazing to me. I’d go for a stud reciever or qb if you needed to trade otherwise I’d be comfortable. Tyrod Taylor is not someone you want to be playing the next few weeks though


Yea I’m definitely picking up someone instead of Taylor. (I have Luck on IR)

I would look into improving on D Thomas potentially.


I would say to simply watch the waiver wire for your improvement. This is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I might find someone weak at WR and see if you can pick up a decent QB (Mariota, Wentz) for a package Lockett + Hurns while they both have had a good week.


Agreed. Thanks