Leveon Trade for Zeke

I was offered Zeke, Chris Ivory, and Funchess for Leveon Bell, Lamar Miller, John Brown. Should I accept? (I have Lesean Mccoy)

Yes. You’d have Zeke for 2 additional weeks if Bell came back week 7.

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Click accept immediately.

Who are your other RBs and WRs for completeness sake?

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the help! I ended up accepting the trade and it ended up being Leveon, Lamar Miller, Alfred Blue, John Brown, and Chris Hogan for Zeke, Funchess, Ivory, Rod Smith, and Terrelle Pryor.

My other Running backs are lesean mccoy and james white. Wrs are antonio Brown, Brandon cooks, and devante parker. Take into consideration this is a 14 man league non PPR.

Any further suggestions would be much appreciated thanks!