Le'Veon Trade?

My league starts 1 RB, 1 WR and 3 FLEX. 1 Point PPR.

My team:

QB: Mariota
RB: Gurley, West, Stewart
WR: M. Thomas, Pryor, Allen, Diggs, Jones Jr, John Brown
TE: Ertz

I offered this trade to the Le’Veon owner:

Thomas, Diggs and West for Le’Veon and Zay Jones

he declined and came back with:

Thomas, Allen, and John Brown for Le’Veon, Zay Jones and Thomas Rawls

I feel like this would cut me too thin at WR but Bell is also very enticing. What should I do?

I’m thinking about responding with Thomas, Allen and Stewart/West for Le’Veon and Jones

Any thoughts?

do it! you can stream WRs and bell is like a WR as is with him catching out of the backfield. also ZAY in for a big year. his college coach followed him to NFL so he should be great. I would do it! allen and brown are iffy with injury anyways

you still have pryor and digs your fine! do the trade asap!

I would do it right now! It may leave you a little thin at WR but I still like Pryor & Diggs. RBs would be GREEAAAT w/ Gurley & Bell! Run and do it now!

I agree… Full point PPR with Bell is like having a new WR… You still have Pryor and Diggs who should both fair well in PPR format… I would take it… Gurley and Bell as your 1 and 2 RBs would be deadly … Allen and Brown get hurt to often for my liking and its an easy way to get Value on Rawls who is gonna be useless sooner rather than later imo

I would be all in as well! Do it

Yeah do it before it’s too late, you won’t regret getting bell

Done. Accepted. Thank you guys for talking me out of my selfishness.


Man! This trade inspired me to go for Bell! lol congrats bro #footclantitle

Great trade… I dont think you will be upset with it at all… Congrats