Leveon trade

Is CJ Anderson and Demaryius For Leveon Fair?

I have at RB: Hunt, Anderson, Mccafrey and Sproles and at WR: M Thomas, D Thomas, D Parker and Martavis

He wants Parker too but I said no. I’m feeling like I’d be too weak at WR in a PPR league to make this move.

Well, if he wants Parker too, does he have a WR to add with it to that’s worthwhile?

He is super weak at WR. He offered me Hogan. I’m not too interested

Ugh. Yeah. I mean, it would be unfair if you added Parker alone. You’re giving plenty for Bell here as it is. This is a good deal for him, he’s trying to really fleece you. Lol.

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Exactly and I’m not going to be fleeced.

I may package Bryant and Mccafrey for a legit WR2. Then offer him DT and CJ and see if he bites.

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