Lev's screwed himself!

Yeah he’s unbelievable…BUT…is he worth all his ME, ME, ME??? I’m sure somebody will say yes. But…is he soooo full of himself that he’ll be able to make the comeback that he could have had with PIT?? I’m figuring PROB, BUT…who do y’all think it be will with??? PIT??? Thinking not. So who???

Are you saying you think he’ll be traded?

YES. He’s worth it/ worth trading for

Just thinking that PIT is getting tired of his SHIT!!! He’s great…BUT…he’s cost them tons of money and head-aches!!! They’re a team that has enough pull to be able to get past his BS and grab somebody else come next year!!! Sometimes these players that are great, think they’re “greater” than their BS. Will be interesting to see what comes of THIS!!! LOL

I’m no expert…but…at some point McCarthy is gonna say…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! EVEN WITH BELL!!!

There are toooooo many up and coming HOTTIES these days!!! When it comes to the money some of these players are DEMANDING…you do the math!!! LOL

He’s completely within his rights not to report and I don’t blame him for not wanting to be traded right before hitting free agency. I expect him to show up on Wednesday after the Tuesday trade deadline. There will be some distractions, but it’s worth dealing with for his talent. As good as Conner has been, Lev Bell is the better player. When you have a title window, you’ve got to give yourself the best chance to win and for Pit, that means giving Lev Bell volume IMO

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I believe that he will not get the contract he is looking for in FA next year. Not sure if teams would want to pay him 17+ Million per year when the next highest contact I believe is 8.5 Million for D Freeman.

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Oh, I agree completely that he’s within his rights. My point was, is he being too FULL OF HIMSELF to be thinking sensibly!!! I think he is…or maybe his agent is too stupid to realize what it may cost LEV to continue to hold out.

He’s good…NO…HE’S INCREDIBLE…BUT…he’s also been a head-ache for PIT!!! Otherwise they wouldn’t have put him up for TRADE options!!! And I just think he’s screwed himself for thinking he’s TOO VALUABLE that it’s worth taking the chance on rolling the dice against himself. TOO MANY INCREDIBLE ROOKIES out there these days!!!

Even Gurley can be replaced. LOL…look what happened to AB. It’s a whole different NFL world these days!!!

When you’re incredible…that’s all you need…UNTIL…you get too full of yourself to think you can’t be replaced.

Even OBJ got the message and straightened his shit up. Well…at least for now. LOL

You’re probably right that he’s not as irreplaceable as he probably thinks he is. Just because Conner has a great game, though, doesn’t mean LB wouldn’t have had a better one. He’s still the better player and raises their ceiling higher than Conner does for them.

I’m not sure he’s costing himself money. Earl Thomas probably cost himself money by ending his holdout without a new, long-term contract. If Bell came back 2 weeks ago and went out for the year with injury, or even went to IR like Freeman/Powell/Ajayi/Fournette, then he would definitely be costing himself money on the next deal. It really depends on his health, how willing other teams would be to give him more money than Pit, and what they would need to see from him this year to make that offer.

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Thumbs up @Hazel11…the funny thing here between our thoughts and posts is that…I think we’re BOTH kinda on the same page…just looking at different sides of it. And I agree with your thoughts about him prob not costing himself the bucks.

I reckon I was just referencing the aspect of him thinking that he was SOOOOO ALL THAT and thinking he was TOOOO invaluable that he could “play” PIT and they would “bow” down to his every whim. LOL…Tomlin is not gonna take THAT from ANYBODY!!!

I predict he goes to the Colts this year before the trade deadline. If its all business and about the money the Colts have the cash. Just a prediction