Lewis for Perine Dynasty Football Trade

Dion Lewis for Semaje Perine

I would be giving up Lewis and receiving Perine. I am thinking i give up the older running back before he goes down hill for a young guy with high upside (as long as the Redskins don’t draft a RB). Thoughts?

Personally I think your are giving up too much lol. But I’m not a Perine believer at all. Do what you feel is best mate!

I would not do this. Lewis is potentially primed for a big year. Washington has been public about drafting an RB this year. I would not invest in any Redskin RBs, other then maybe Chris Thompson.

Hey man, I would probably just stick with Lewis. Perine has talent but only as much if not less than Lewis IMO. Plus Perine’s backfield seems crowded.

I agree with all of the above; on the other hand, you could try and trade Lewis for Henry. Its a little risky being on the same team and all; but, people are now low on Henry and he is way younger. If Lewis has 1 year and is done, you win the trade big time.