LF Dynasty league 25-50 buy-in

Can’t post in Footclan leagues so posting here to gauge some interest.

I’m a very active fantasy player, been playing for about 7 years now. You can view my profile here to see how active i was in these forums last year, i love to ask for advice and help others in return.

I’ve been unsuccessful in drumming up enough interest for my hometown league to start a dynasty league on the side, so i’ve come here to you guys.

I’ve never played in a dynasty league so it would be a learning experience for me, but willing to do a small pay in of $25-$50 to show that i can maintain interest.

I live in EST timezone, working a 9-5 job so draft day would be preferable at night or on a weekend.

Looking forward to playing with y’all, hoping i see some old friends from last year

*Edit- created this post to find a league myself, however if a league comes by that has a few open slots i have a friend or 2 that may be interested. Just wanted to throw that out there.