LF1 for 12 team keeper

Looking for one more for a 12 team keeper league. this is our 4year and a majorty of players will be back into the draft. your team has barkely for a 1st and godwin for a 2nd 2 more players on the already exsisting roster. buy in is $100, players are kept for 3 years. looking for a long term owner wholl be involved. most of us live on west coast and have a pretty chill vibe. please ask any other questions if your interested. draft will be sept 6th. thanks

is this spot still available

I’d be interested in it, but I understand first come first served…

yes it is still available, a little more info. .5ppr looking for someone to be in it long term, barkley costs a 1st(1 more year), and godwin a 2nd(2 more years, and the others keepers arent so goodlooking, FAAB, and we do draft pick trading(everyone has to have the same number, 17 i think). please let me know if either of you are still interested. thank you

still interested?

I know the response is late, but still interested. What system is it on? Can you share the other roster spots? Scoring rules?