Like a bad neighbor, Aaron worries me

I drafted Aaron Rodgers in the 5th round. I did not draft another QB. After yesterday’s blatant self-sabotage, likely in spite of the Packers; should I pick up someone else and bench Aaron or do you guys think it was a fluke and he’ll be back in MVP form soon? Jameis Winston is still available, so is Cousins, Tannehill, Ryan, and Tua just to name a few.

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I don’t think there’s a chance it was self sabotage. Just an abysmal day at the office.

For me he is far too much of a competitor to do anything like that. He’s in my opinion for want of a better description, a winner.

You have options to move to if you’re not feeling the same way as me, but I think betting against Rodgers is a bad approach.

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I’m inclined to agree. But yeah it was such an off performance that it is suspect. Good news is that someone dropped Lamar Jackson to the waiver wire, so I’m going to try and snag him up and a plan B.

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dropped lamar jackson…?

Man i wish i played in some of the leagues y’all do lol no way am i getting that lucky anywhere

This same thing happened last year against the Bucs, he was terrible. Don’t read into it too much, he has a nice bounce back game against the lions.

Hahaha yeah I know. I mean he has Josh Allen so there’s that. We’re a 10 person league but for sure I lucked out and hopefully will have some Aaron insurance if I’m able to get Lamar off waivers.

True. That’s a huge divisional game too so I know he’s bringing it