Like it’s hot! Who should I pick up?

M Hardman, K Stills, and A Jeffrey
all dropped and on waivers.
Who should I add???

J Gordon, Lambo and Darnold

I was thinking of picking up Kenny stills but I saw someone also dropped Alshon Jeffery

Id go with Jeffrey

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YAh pick up Jeffery

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How much FABB would you drop on Jeffrey

15-20 should depends how much you have left if you have a lot go 25-30 to make sure you get him

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Ok cool thanks

I would go Stills because of the matchup…Bouye is gonna be 100% on Hopkins so that leaves Stills on Herndon which he is gonna torch…plus Alshon has a bad matchup but it is a revenge game

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So it’s clearly Jeffery, but there’s zero chance I’m dropping $30 of FAAB on any of those guys midway through the season… maybe $5 if I felt strongly about it… worst case, you’re missing out on a WR2-upside guy that constantly gets hurt and disappears from random games as soon as you think you can trust him

Definitely not worth starter-by-injury-default RB FAAB money

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