Limited or Zero in app communication

Hey guys I got a random question: I’m an elementary school teacher, gonna start a fantasy league with the PE teacher and some 5th graders. Do you know of any platforms that offer strictly controlled/monitored, or nixed all together, inter-app communication? The biggest concern is this point. My workaround could also be they have to give the other teacher and I their login credentials so that we can check if a problem comes up.

most apps like yahoo or espn have message boards for communication. I think that’s what your asking for?

It sounds like you are concerned with communication outside of school with students.

MFL allows you to remove the chat box from the main page, but you can still communicate.

You also have the ability to remove all rights to post on message boards, chat, etc.

The problem is unless you do a best ball league, MFL is not free.

What i would do with you is talk to your principal, school board, etc about wanting to do this. Make sure the parents sign off on it for the students involved. Give the principal access to the league to monitor and require the parents to have access to the league as well. As most sites will require a user to be 13 anyways when signing up for an account, that means your 5th graders will need parents anyways to keep everything legal.

I just noticed this was posted in Sept. Hope you were able to run the league without issue.