Limited rosters really good waiver week

We have small benches in 12 man half ppr with 4 wr limit and 5 rb limit
I feel fairly solid but idk if i can still add

my team
Robinson, Carson, Gibson, CEH, Coleman (IR)
Adams, Ridley, Diontae, Jefferson
Hockenson, Hooper

Would you add any of the following
Rb drop would be coleman, WR drop would have to be over diontae or jefferson

Harris, Burkhead, Hines
Cooks, Crowder, Mike Williams

Maybe pick a back qb for me
Newton, Winston, Tua, Cousins

No nee to add any receivers. I like the guys you could add, but not for the price of dropping Diontae or Jefferson. I dont think the Patriots RBs will crack your lineup. I could maybe live with dropping Coleman for Hines.

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Yeah I like the WRs alot but with only 4 they dont really make me feel any better with who i have and I had cut harris to add coleman a week or 2 ago Hines looked good but idk if id have more trust in starting him or coleman in like an injury pinch

Thanks though thats what i needed to hear

I agree with what’s been said. I don’t the NE backs make your starters but Harris is probably better to have on the roster than Coleman. Mostert will be back and whoever starts for the niners must get injured within 1-2 games. But I think Hines is the best of the bunch in any PPR formats.

I put a claim in for both of those over coleman

A little worried about tannehill and the matchup with bal and indy still who would you grab as the backup from those listed?

Tua first but he’s a big unknown and hasn’t been tested but I think he has the most upside for a boom game. Cousins has the safest floor but not more than Tannehill. The others are to risky for me to suggest right now as Newton has the running upside but looks awful throwing the ball and I think Winston will split more with Hill in NO.

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