Limited to 4 wr Diontae, Cooks still available

Half ppr and can only have 4 wr start 2 and a flex but the waivers are looking promising

my wr
Adams, Ridley,Fuller and Lamb

Waiver Wrs that really intrigue me
Diontae Johnson (obvious)
Brandin Cooks (Fuller isnt actually injured, Cooks could be the actual WR1 for Hou)
Juedy (with sutton going down)

Should i drop fuller or lamb for any of those 3?

IMHO, I would drop (since you have to) Fuller due to being injured again and on a struggling team for Dionte Johnson who is receving a bigger target share than the preceived WR1 on the team JuJu.

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Diontae in and Fuller out is the move I’d make.

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Thats kinda where im at, I really thought Fuller was gonna step up and fill most of Hopkins shoes but starting to think that wont happen. Johnson is probably better than both fuller and lamb but you think fuller is the one to drop?

Lamb has WR2 upside especially since Dallas is looking like it will be in shootouts constantly and he is clearly seeing more targets over Gallup.

Fuller could be a high-end WR2 with low-end WR1 upside, however, he will hurt your team more than help due to always missing games every year.

Lamb at this point has the safer floor of the 2 and will gets you points weekly.

So i have #2 waiver order so if Diontae gets snagged would you add cook or juedy over fuller as well or stand pat and see if fuller plays out

Cooks would still be better than Fuller, since Cooks is playing. However, Watson’s struggles doesn’t put much faith in Cooks to be fantasy consistent.

The biggest issue with Juedy is no one knows how involved in the gameplan he will be. Fant will be the clear #1 passing option now that Sutton is done for the year.

Fuller isnt actually injured? he should be playing this week however he might be limited by a tight hamstring which could end up as an injury but as it sounds hes gonna be on the field next week

id still assume Cooks though by the sounds of it

Ahh, I thought he was out due to hamstring.

If you dont get Johnson, I would see how the week for Fuller plays out. If he oractices all week, keep him. If he is not practicing or a game time decision I would get Cooks.

If you dont need to use Fuller this week, keep him if you dont get Johnson.

Yeah he missed most of the game getting it stretched out says google but has a history of being injured so hes a risk for sure and boom bust kinda guy but more often this is going to be my flex play with ridley and adams starting.
I just see Johnson as better and then the other 3 in juedy cooks and fuller all have big upside potential but kinda all the same tier

Think i might listen and make that my game plan and wait for practice reports on fuller if i dont get johnson for dropping him

Thanks for all the help!

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