Lindsay and Bears D for Kenny Golladay?

12 team full ppr. Normally I’m taking this deal, but I just moved DJ for Keenan Allen and my RB depth isn’t really what I need it to be to afford getting rid of Lindsay (McCaffrey, Lynch, Lindsay, Jamaal Williams). I love What Golladay can do and it looks like he’s developing a nice chemistry with Stafford. What are your thoughts on this trade? Take the talent and figure out some rb depth in trades later?

kenny g is nice but i think this would wreck your rb depth.

I was offered bears d and Corey Davis for Marvin Jones from another team. You think Jones holds value as Golladay continues to grow?

I think Marvin Jones keeps value because they’re essentially 1a, 1b, 1c (tate, kenny g, MJJ) and no TE to be the third option. But bears d is an every week play and C. Davis coudl be good, if mariota gets healthy. I’d still rather have MJJ unless my defense was wrecking me though.

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